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ilustração para o conto: Antropólogo - do blog Tardes Quentes de Outono
ilustração para o conto: Quartos de hotel - do blog Tardes Quentes de Outono
ilustração feita a dedo, em uma viagem longa de avião
Direto do #ocupeestelita, com música, amor e cidadania :)

Direto do #ocupeestelita, com música, amor e cidadania :)

#Ocupe Estelita (#Occupy Estelita)


The movement #Ocupeestelita (#Occupy Estelita) is a peaceful movement that happens in the city of Recife, capital of Pernambuco - Brazil. It is a protest against the intervention of real estate complexes in the public space of Pier José Estelita, which is an area of ​​public and social interest. On the last day 6/17/14  the military police acted violently against the occupants of the pacifist movement, defending the interests of this private building complex, which made millions in donations for parties that are in government capital and the state. As a whole, 35 unarmed civilians, including a pregnant woman were assaulted.

The truculent military police action and riot squad against unarmed civilians, caught the attention of various human rights institutions (Brazilian and international), including Amnesty International, reflecting in international newspapers such as the BBC.

If you care for human rights and the importance of civil society discussion about decision-making and urban historic preservation, you can browse communities Movimento#OcupeEstelita  and the Direitos Urbanos. These pages are in Portuguese, but all are welcomed and your questions may be taken by the participants in Spanish and English.

This drawing is my small contribution and tribute to the people who fight for a collective urban space.

Happy bloomsday to all!
Pequenos prazeres - 
Illustration for the text “Pequenos prazeres” (Small pleasures), for the blog: Tardes Quentes de Outono
Marcha das Vadias 2014: Recife-PE (31/05/14), concetraçao na praça do Derby às 14h.
slutwalk Brazil (Recife-PE)